My name is Kelly Norman and I am a hardware and mobile devices engineer.

I have degree certificate in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California.

I have a good knowledge of the specifications, configurations and use of most modern day mobile devices.

I provide maintenance and repair services of mobile devices.

I offer trainings and comprehensive seminars on the use and maintenance of mobile devices.

NOKIA C1 and C2

Nokia is a trusted brand of mobile phones and this model has been designed for those who trust in the durability and portability of their mobile phones. They are less expensive with several features and an extendable memory of about three gigabytes. They are manufactured with features such as, large phone book entries, recordable FM radio, wider screen, headphone, games etc. The dual SIMs in Nokia C2 functions on the same dual bands of 900/1800 MHz. Nokia C2 has double standby features, which enables you to receive text messages and incoming calls on both the active line and the standby line. You can remove and reinsert SIM card into the second SIM partition without having to switch off the phone.



You can sign up for different deals on either SIM cards

One may offer better and cheaper rates on calls and text messages while the other may offer better deals on internet data. You can make good use of both of them. Utilizing two networks on your mobile phone gives you the benefit of a better coverage.

Two SIM cards on a mobile provides the advantage of dual storage. Each SIM card has its storage capacity, therefore it sums up to more storage space for you. Store different informations on each SIM card.
If there is no network coverage on one SIM, you can make use of the other in case of an emergency. You may never miss a call when you use a dual SIM phone. It enables you to speak on one line and yet receive call.
You put one line on hold and also answer on the other line. Dual SIM phones can be used internationally by keeping your local SIM and interchanging the second SIM with a travel SIM card.

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