How To Login IP Address?

Do you want to know what this represents? It is an IP address of most ADSL modems or wireless routers. It is a private IP address and is used in Linksys and other many routers. There are many different IP addresses available for routers. Some common < a href="">Link and etc. From available addresses and are known as host addresses. Usually private IP addresses range from192.168.0.0 to192.168.255.255. You can check your routers IP address and change it whether you want.

A private IP address helps to secure your device by making inaccessible or non- routable outside your own network. This was first created to use for specific router brand. But now this is a widely uses as default IP address for routers and broadbands. Logindirectly is not always secure. One can easily access your network. Mostly this type of routers is protected by a default user name and password. If you want to secure it from hacking you need to change the username and password.

How to change user name and password?

  • First type in to your browsers address bar
  • Now if it is your routers IP address you will land into a page where you can see a login window.
  • There you have to enter user name and password
  • Most of the there are default username and passwords
  1. Username: admin
  2. Password: admin
  1. Username: admin
  2. Password: admin
  • You can entering both combinations and check which one works better
  • Enter into the account and you can change configuration settings to protect the account.
  • You can entering both combinations and check which one works better
  • Enter into the account and you can change configuration settings to protect the account.

It is very important to change your router password. The main reason behind it is anybody can hack in to your Wi-Fi using those default username and password. Don’t keep it for long. Change it as soon as possible to keep your router safe. Many routers use same IP address as Here is the list of other routers which uses the same address and their default username and passwords

Router name Username Password
TP- link   admin admin/password
Cisco admin Admin
D-Link admin Admin
Lynksys admin Admin
Netgear admin admin/password
Asus admin Admin
Belkin   No username MiniAP
Billion admin Admin

Now you know the default user names and passwords of most routers which have IP address You can find your router IP address easily and change its setting now. Now, I am going to explain how to change password of your router

How to change Router password?

It is easy to change password if you found the right IP address. If your router IP address is then you can change the password by following some simple steps given below.While giving a new password be careful to give one with minimum 11 digits at least and give a complicated password. So that nobody can access your router. Also be careful to remember user name and password. Otherwise, you cannot enter into your account and change any configuration settings.

Most of us don’t even know our router IP address. Actually, it is not essential nowadays because when we use phone and laptop the system identifies IP address itself. We don’t have to enter it manually. Only advantage of using this is that you can protect your Wi-Fi from hacking. If you use it for good purpose then it is OK. Don’t try to hack any router using these tricks.  Check your router model and find its IP address immediately.

NOKIA C1 and C2

Nokia is a trusted brand of mobile phones and this model has been designed for those who trust in the durability and portability of their mobile phones. They are less expensive with several features and an extendable memory of about three gigabytes. They are manufactured with features such as, large phone book entries, recordable FM radio, wider screen, headphone, games etc. The dual SIMs in Nokia C2 functions on the same dual bands of 900/1800 MHz. Nokia C2 has double standby features, which enables you to receive text messages and incoming calls on both the active line and the standby line. You can remove and reinsert SIM card into the second SIM partition without having to switch off the phone.



You can sign up for different deals on either SIM cards

One may offer better and cheaper rates on calls and text messages while the other may offer better deals on internet data. You can make good use of both of them. Utilizing two networks on your mobile phone gives you the benefit of a better coverage.

Two SIM cards on a mobile provides the advantage of dual storage. Each SIM card has its storage capacity, therefore it sums up to more storage space for you. Store different informations on each SIM card.
If there is no network coverage on one SIM, you can make use of the other in case of an emergency. You may never miss a call when you use a dual SIM phone. It enables you to speak on one line and yet receive call.
You put one line on hold and also answer on the other line. Dual SIM phones can be used internationally by keeping your local SIM and interchanging the second SIM with a travel SIM card.

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